At Community Birth

Surrey Latch Clinic

The latch is the foundation of successful breastfeeding
Latch Assessment/Therapeutics/Counseling/Herbs
  • 60 min appointments, only held on Friday’s
  • $175.00 per visit flat fee, covered by extended benefits
  • Bring arrive 15 min before the appointment to weigh baby
  • Bring a hungry baby, no top ups or feeds within 2 hours of the appointment
  • Bring any tools you have been using for feeding:nipple cream, nipple shield, pump, herbs/teas, prescriptions, pump
  • Assessment of your latch and baby’s feeding by our Lactation Consultant or Naturopathic Midwife.
  • Provide therapeutics for common breastfeeding problems such as reflux, baby gas/colic, thrush, nipple pain from vasospasm
    (Raynaud’s), assessment of tongue and/or lip

Office visits held at Community Birth Program office: #201-15149 Hwy 10, Surrey.

Please call 604-575-7275 to book an appointment.

Sandra Atkinson IBCLC, LPN

Sandra has been working as a Licensed Practical Nurse since 2008, the past eight of those years she has focused on postpartum care in maternity. She found her passion to be in helping families with after birth care. In 2018 she obtained her certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

She opened her own practice ( and has continued to practice privately serving families in the lower mainland. In addition, Sandra joined The Community Birth Program in 2017 and continues to provide educational classes as well as consulting and supporting families on their feeding journey. Working closely with a dynamic team allows her to direct her care in a more holistic and natural approach. Her passion and experiences drive her to provide care in a way that best fits you and your family.

Trang Duong, ND, RM

Dr. Trang Duong is a Naturopathic Physician and Registered Midwife. She completed her training in June 2000 at Bastyr University in the U.S. and has since been practicing in BC. She completed the Doulgas College Certificate in Breastfeeding Course for HealthCare Providers in 2001 and has since been supporting families choosing to feed at the breast/ chest to successfully achieve their goals.

She applies a holistic approach to establishing breast/chest feeding by assessing the latch, baby’s oral anatomy & function, using herbal and prescription medicines to resolve issues and counselling families about how to hold space to support the breast |chest feeding person. In addition to working as a midwife with the Community Birth Program, she maintains a Naturopathic Practice caring for families looking to integrate medical and holistic health care.

She enjoys caring for families from preconception care through pregnancy, birth and beyond – encouraging a preventative approach to health for families.